One of the activities of Largo das Artes Residency Program is LARGOLAB, a horizontal platform for exchange of ideas mediated by local artists. Héloïse Delègue (FRA) and Magda Rachwal (POL / USA) discuss issues pertinent to their works and their experiences in Rio de Janeiro with artist Pablo Ferretti. On April 26, the resident’s studios will be open for the exhibition of their final works. More information to be posted soon.

Photos of “Performance Object”, conceived by resident artist Güler Ates. Performed at Largo San Francisco on April 10, 2014, with the support of Largo das Artes.



British-Turkish artist Güler Ates – an artist and teacher at the Royal Academy of Arts, London - is in Brazil to participate in a residency programme where other British artists like Martin Creed, (winner of the Turner Prize 2001) and Cuban Leslie Sardinas, have participated. Her residency will culminate in two free performances. On April, 9th (Wednesday - Casa França Brasil) , from 1pm to 8pm, and on April, 10th (Thursday - Largo das Artes - Largo São Francisco ), from 4pm to 6pm.

The two performances will be held in locations chosen by the artist for its architecture and historical significance. Güler guides her choices based on the intention to create a dialogue between the physical space and its effective memory - an encounter, which will build a narrative guided by performance.

Each space shall take effect on the character that moves within the delicate and spontaneous environment, echoing the atmosphere of her gestures and rhythm and reverberating through the scene created by the existing architecture and atmosphere of the space.

The cultural shift and how we deal with affectionate memories that recall home is in the core of Güler’s work, who has been the victim of several political upheavals that sometimes forced her to leave her own home.

Being a native of Turkey, but living in London for over 15 years, she performs artistic events through activities and performances that fuse Eastern and Western sensibilities. For these public performances, the artist has made veils to be used by models, mostly students of performance and visual arts.

Güler will guide the performance making it clear that the whole process is a collaboration between the public and the work in which everyone involved will help develop the artistic parameters by giving speech to emotional issues that come up.

This is the second visit of the artist to Brazil. This time, she is spending a month in the country developing her work. In July 2013, she was in Rio de Janeiro, where she began her research, which inspired this project.

"I came to Rio de Janeiro to be part of this residency. Many of my works develop this type of theme. I like the intensity of the feeling when a new job is done. I’ll be in Rio for a month and I want to create a new work that has not been previously attempted, such as the making of costumes referring to sculptures that I intend to present in galleries and public spaces. The work I have been developing here is challenging because it requires a number of technical fields. For these presentations to be held in public spaces, I want to observe the meeting of people who use the space daily and create the atmosphere to enhance the performance" , explains the artist.

"The Creation of Forms," this Friday at Largo das Artes

Detail of a frame of Tunga’s short movie “Cooking”, which will be screened this Friday, at Largo das Artes.

Continuing the public conversations between artists and scientific researchers (as part of the project "Encontros Carbônicos"), artist Tunga, cosmologist Luiz Alberto Oliveira and mathematician Ricardo Kubrusly discuss "The Creation of Forms", with special screening of Tunga’s last short film,  ”Cooking”.

The event takes place on Friday, April 4, at Largo das Artes, which is located at Rua Luiz de Camões, 2, at Largo São Francisco. Admission is free (subject to the capacity of the space). It starts at 7 pm and it will be broadcast live over the internet at

DetailThe exhibition "Encontros Carbônicos" continues until April , 26th from Tuesday to Friday (10 to 6 pm) and Saturdays (10 to 5 pm). Admission is also free.



Magda Rachwal  is a Polish artist who lives and works in New York. Currently, her work is linked to set design and shadow theater puppetry. Her practice also includes photography, video, collage and illustration. 

As an artist in residence at Largo das Artes, Magda has in mind the development of a play - “I Have Lost You” -  which will be a mix of theatrical performance and installation with projections, music and the participation of the audience. In this work, the artist will address issues involving love and loss and the different stages of grief, from suffering to redemption. 

To explore more the work of Magda, access her tumblr on



Héloïse Delègue was born in Paris in 1985. She grew up in the south of France and lived in India, the USA and London returning to Paris in 2013. She graduated with a BA in Visual Arts from the Sorbonne University in 2012. She has been exhibiting in group shows and Art fairs in London, Luxembourg and NYC. She has been already gaining attention from bloggers and has been selected as a one-to-watch painter by Rebecca Wilson, director at the Saatchi Gallery.

Héloïse talked to us about her work and her projects for the residency:

"The core of my practice aims to create lyrical and abstract works of art, which on the surface people can easily relate to, but yet still be challenged by the often conflicting relationship between mankind and his natural environment.

I try to reveal the beauty, poetry and humour in seemingly mundane aspects of everyday life, as well as revealing profound layers of relationship in the communication between people. Autobiography, both real and imagined also forms the basis of most of my work. Through the use of colours and storytelling, I try to fuse aspects of my identity, with myths and factual truths. I try to combine memories and artefacts to produce alternate readings of both my inner world and more universal cultural, political and societal narratives.

I usually narrate thoughts using small details I add with ink, charcoal or pastel. Sometimes, it is like the text “scares” the surface of the canvas but is never entirely readable. Sometimes, I source images of faces and the human form in a multiplicity of activities as my starting point, which I then gradually transform into imaginary landscapes. Playing with dimensions of scale and perspective, I endeavour to confuse the viewer into having to look at my work from different angles until, like a jigsaw puzzle, the abstracted pieces begin to fall into place.


My work aims at combining and revealing the poetry of every day life but also the violence of existence and perpetual interrogations people have about the role they play within society.

What were our dreams before? What are they today?

- A parallel between what we wanted to become, what we became and what is the gap that lies in-between.

- A parallel between what we wanted to be, who we wanted to be and who we are now.

The project I want to develop at Largo das Artes is called "Dreams of before". It talks about what kind of dreams children have for their future depending on their social and geographical environment and draw a parallel with what were their parents’ dreams as children.This way, I’d like to establish a generational thread where present ideals of children and past ideals of adults mirror themselves.

"What kind of representations or ideas children have about the meaning of what is a personal life accomplishment? I would like to illustrate the question we all had to answer as children : "What do you want to be when you grow up ?"

I would start the project by conducting some filmed interviews of children and their parents living in different areas of Rio, and then illustrate their answers through a series of paintings and drawings. A short film showing the parents with the voiceover of their children and vice versa will also be shown at the exhibition.

Open Call!

For artists who want to take part in Largo das Artes Residency Programme

Residency period:
Aug - Nov 2014

Applications deadline: 2 April 2014

Each residency lasts one month. Artists should state the month for which they are applying. If a longer residency period is required please get in touch. Two or three month residencies will be considered. Check the link below to see how to apply and find out more about Largo das Artes Residency Programme.


New artists in residence at Largo das Artes


KEH HUI lives and works in London. His practice is concerned with stories that people remember, recount and re-deploy over time, as he believes that these narratives lie close to the crux of what matters most to those who live in urban environments. The research component of his work relies upon uncovering urban legends, myths and stories that become the starting points to his work. He then reconfigures, re-tells and reassembles these points to create new deflections for the viewer to consider. While in Rio, Keh intends to research its urban mythology with local residents and explore its relationship to Carnival. For more info:

ADÈLE VERLEDENS comes from Brussels, Belgium, with the idea of focusing on the “feet” of those who are ready for revelry and from there create a great visual treatise on the “perfect” preparation for Carnival. Additionally, the artist will teach a culinary workshop for those who want to share the best recipe for the best experience in the four days of Carnival in Rio de Janeiro. Explore Adèle’s portfolio here.

TINA HAGE also lives and works in London. Her work deals with ideas of landscape and allocated space executed with repetition, pattern and composition. Hage questions the viewpoint of the audience and presses photography’s role in capturing landscape and urban space. References to landscapes and architecture are used and reconfigured. Each recomposition forms a ‘new landscape’ and addresses ways in which we cohabitate. Tina uses found photographic images of idyllic and urban landscapes. Which are then broken down into their elements while reassessing the formal aspects of the original photograph. For more info:

STEPHANIE GREENE is a Yankee Porteña performance artist who is currently based in Buenos Aires. She was born in San Francisco and has also lived in Seattle and NYC. She mostly works through public interventions and endurance actions but occasionally creates art objects (paintings, sculptures, installations, etc). Conceptually she is interested in engaging with ideas such as the doble filo of globalization and the presentation of a hybrid identity; all the while maintaining a critical sense of the occidental influence in latin cultures. For the next six months she will be doing artist residencies throughout Latin America in Brazil (including Largo das Artes Residency Programme), Argentina and Mexico; in September she will return to Smith College to finish her thesis. For more info:



Next Tuesday, 28th January, Largo das Artes hosts the first edition of UH-LA-LARGO!, a monthly happy hour and open studio event which brings the artist and the public together. Expect some music, drinks and projection this ocasion the artists in residence Tom Smith (USA) and Stephanie Greene (USA/ARG) will show the works produced while participating in Largo das Artes Residency Programme.

While working at Largo Das Artes, Tom has created a body of work called Siren Song, which includes paintings, installations and a video piece. The video was shot in Florianopolis, Santa Catarina and at the Vidigal beach in Rio de Janeiro and stars Tom’s drag alter ego, Tamala, a space age, plastic-clad diva who lip syncs to digital synthesizers over abstracted music. During his stay in Rio, Tom’s work has blended archetypes such as mermaids, sirens and particularly Iemanjá. Tom’s residency will conclude with a live performance by the artist as Tamala in the gallery space of Largo das Artes.

“The coast of Brazil is surreal, to me it seems like another planet. I wanted to use that environment as a space for my character to show up. In New York I created the costume for Tamala out of plastic and rubber. My boyfriend Jonathan and I shot the video in Florianopolis over the new year. I don’t speak portuguese so I chose to give my siren an ethereal, intangible voice. I started thinking about the long history in drag of lip syncing to a female vocalist. I thought before that there was an interesting similarity between the sirens and drag queens, in that their songs are a false promise. In the end, I guess it’s all about being in a game of sedution and representation.”

On the other hand, Stephanie Greene will present what she hopes to be a body of work that is reflective of her time here in Rio. Throughout this past month she has had time to contemplate her own personal “gringaness” within both a Latin American and Brazilian context; reacting to the remains of occidental imperalism in the current reality of Rio de Janeiro.

Her persona, Miss Green Galicious, explores this cultural schock through a series of public interventions: "Spreading the Yankee", "Bannana is my Buisness" and "Rubia on the Beach". In addition, she will be presenting a self portrait, some more personal performative acts, a sculpture made from her own skin, and a live performance where she will interpret Brazilian Funk. 

It would be great to see you all. Come along to Largo das Artes this Tuesday (28th January), from 7 pm onwards (Rua Luis de Camões, 2 – Centro – Rio de Janeiro). Entrance is free.